Rupa teaches the followingWorkshops:

AcuEnergetics accredited workshops Level 1 and Level 2 , Meditation classes and workshops, including the unique AcuEnergetics light body practices, Qi Gong, and mindfulness meditation,



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Scheduled Dates and venues 2020-2021

New beginnings for 2021 - Meditation & Wellness 3 hour online live workshop -with meditations energy practices and healing Qi Gong.Sat 3rd Jan 2021

10.00- 13.00 CET (Paris)  - please contact me to book or follow link


Osho Meditation Festival Spain - enjoy now online -Friday August 14-sunday August 16, 2020 - in person event postponed till summer 2021

As well you can join many other amazing meditations and activites to  nourish well being -some with live music...for tickets and full schedule visit


For further information about online meditation & Qi Gong please contact [email protected]


Educational event  on behalf AcuEnergetics continuing education

Europe , Oct 2020  : Point Combinations with Resonance: a very practical workshop you can right away apply in your practice. Currently posponed new dates  & location TBA Please contact Rupa for details


Individual sessions in central Amsterdam or have a session by yourself or join with friends online

Please contact Rupa for workshop and session bookings [email protected]



































































For further information or to host a workshop please contact Rupa [email protected]


Rupa is also available for teaching accredited AcuEnergetics Healing and Educational Workshops : Acuenergetics® Level 1, Skills for living

Acuenergetics® Level 2 , The Inner Alchemy

AcuEnergetics® Heart & Spirit level Meditations  including light body practices







Rest Rest..Relax..Recharge..Meditation & Qi Gong workshop

presented by Rupa Selecki, accredited meditation teacher and Acupuncturist


".....This new event was fully booked and those lucky to attend enjoyed a deeply relaxing and uplifting experience. Suitable for newcomers and experienced meditators alike, we learned meditative and healing practices to promote emotional and physical wellbeing in daily life…. GW Thatcham UK "

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"......Thank you Rupa, The workshop was beautiful . I came away feeling refreshed and energised .

And with plenty of useful pieces to incorporate into my own practice

I look forward to another opportunity to learn with you ......."


Alice, Producer and Yoga Teacher , Sydney

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Educational  & Meditation series UK,  Spain & Netherlands