Meditation Workshop Reviews ....

I have now been to three of Rupa's meditation workshops Each time, within an hour or so, I found myself in a more peaceful place, with a sense of total confidence that I was in the right place, wondering how I could possibly have considered not coming.


The workshops are  extremely friendly, welcoming and kind - from the comfort of the room to the delicious, healthy snacks so thoughtfully prepared for morning and afternoon tea.


I have walked away from each workshop with practical techniques, which I have immediately incorporated into my daily routine.  I do them regardless of how I'm feeling and often find myself with a clearer head or more comfortable afterwards.


Meditating in a group- is always special and the feeling can be quite strong. While you don't necessarily have that aspect while practising at home, the joy there lies in the thrill of finding oneself able to reproduce the experience at all, which is very empowering: you already have what you need to keep practising on your own in your own home.


Rupa is also a very practical, realistic person, fully aware of the insane rush of daily life, so she also teaches you mini movements or meditations you can do wherever you are. Some of them take less than a minute. I find this very exciting, the idea that it can become an integral part of your everyday life, not just something for that precious 10-20" you manage to allot to meditation etc each day.


My only complaint? That we don't get monthly workshops! They really set you up for the next bout of life.......... GH, Teacher , Sydney

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....I have always found it very diffcult to relax and be "at peace". My weekdays and weekends are always full and the thought of committing to a full day meditation session and focusing me, was something that I thought I would struggle with. However, to my surprise, I have never felt so much calm and inner peace, like a workout in mind, body, spirit.


Rupa is a wonderful teacher and calming guide and I wholeheartedly recommend her meditation course. I have done 2 classes to date and look forward to the next day class this coming week, which can't come soon enough! This is one treat I will continue to gift myself with.


Liz - HR  professional, Sydney Australia.

I recently attended a workshop on Qigong and Meditation, led by Rupa .

She is an excellent meditation teacher. She  has a warm and engaging personality, and effortlessly radiates positive energy. Rupa's Qigong and Meditation instructions are clear, direct and knowledgeable, but also delivered  in a fun and relaxed style, borne out of  long personal  experience with the practices she shares.

I have been meditating regularly for over 10 years and have worked with teachers in a  a number of different meditation traditions (Indian,Tibetan, etc) and rate Rupa as an excellent meditation teacher, able to benefit both beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Thank you again for the wonderful meditation workshop. It was extremely useful in providing me with strategies to relieve stress, become more mindful and stay more present.


..............David Lane

I recently had an accident and having back pain I thought it would be difficult for me to be part of the meditations and QI gong exercises, but with her gentle guidance I could easily go through, learning a bit more to respect what my body could do and not do, in all feeling very grounded.

Loved the humble and fun approach that Rupa has while guiding us as a group.

Chiara....... Italy

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