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“Hidden treasures” was a wonderful workshop, which I followed in the Netherlands in August 2014. Rupa is a living example of what she teaches. She has a constant contact with her heart. In this workshop a lot is about feeling the heartenergy. We learned to make it stronger, to send the energy from the heart to the other energycentres in the light body and to send it back. For me it was special to make contact with my energycentres and to feel my light body at a given moment. Rupa also used beautiful music which gave me the opportunity to come deeper and deeper and feel totally relaxed.

Yolanda Surya, the Netherlands

I had a wondeful time in these 4 days. It is the second time for me to be with Rupa in this form and I found it as stimulating and interesting as the first time

The content of the workshop stayed fresh and gave me more input about myself. I had wonderful insights and felt very connected to a deepeer place inside

As a teacher Rupa finds unique ways to pass on information, creating a light and friendly learning atmosphere. As a fellow traveller , she is a delight to know and hang out with.

I can recommend this workshop highly

Thank you Rupa

Love Tarika, The Netherlands

I have been incorporating the light body meditations into my daily meditation practice. It has an amazing effect when I do it regularly.  I feel a particular peace and tranquility when I focus on the middle of my brain. Somehow, it naturally allows me to let go and be in total silence and calmness. I would like to thank you for everything.

Much love,

Akhil xxx, UK

I like the retreat very much! And also the session you gave me. I felt deep release. And even now I feel that my spine more relax. And I can breath more deeper. I feel gratitude to you Rupa!!

And I see very clear how many information collects our energy body. And I see how it is important for me to do such meditation. Especially guiding meditation. Because when I meditate myself - I'm go deep inside. But now I see that there are a lot of place where I never have been before.

For me this kind of work - it is more about healing - mind, energy, and as a results - body healing. Not only meditation. When we went from one center to another by different scheme - we move energy and also memories. As a effect - I can say - it is likes taking energy shower. This shower clean energy and mind as well. And as a result - very deep relaxation. For me it was like a long-long holidays.


And also I noted after retreat that I was more stable to any events which happens around. I was more inside. And it was one day - 4th day after retreat - I got to such beautiful stage! I felt absolutely in rhythm with life. I did so many things that usually not possible to manage during one week. It was amazing!


And now every day I do smile meditation and Lightning flash.


Rupa, thank you very much!

Very happy to meet you! It is a gift from life! ;-)

And hope to meet you again and continue practice this meditations.


With love!!!

Sananda Vatayana, St Petersberg.

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Hi Rupa

Re: Meditation Day

I really loved the day. It was so peaceful and grounding and always nice to meet people who are interested in doing this together. The day was a good refresher for me after the retreat last year... I really find the Light Body meditation and the Mystic Cross so powerful and interesting and I learn a lot.


Thank you so much for being a wonderful teacher......Ros, UK

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I have attended several of Rupa's one day meditation workshops. Each workshop is different, including guided meditations and Qi Gong. The meditations all assist in my self discovery and stillness.

Rupa provides great insights into the light body and opening of each centre to enable the feeling of more energy and balance in my life. At the end of each workshop I feel very relaxed and fulfilled, ready to face the busy world. Workshops are like a day retreat held in beautiful surroundings with great fellow meditators.

I would recommend Rupa's meditation workshops to anyone looking for a day away from the pressures and distractions of your daily life........RL Sydney

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....After having experienced short meditations at the acuenergetics school by Rupa I decided to travel all the way to Holland to attend her retreat in Holland ---I was not disappointed.

It was 4 days of easy guidance by Rupa using lightbody meditation and other gentle processes

Rupa ended up creating the most wonderful space for all of us to experience meditation - not as some serious difficult process,  but as an easy natural letting go into quietness and stillness.

I have been meditating for over 30 years and have attended many meditation retreats and I promise this one is easy and wonderfully profound.

It helped to deepen my process and with the added benefit of daily shibashi Qi Gong , helps ground the process--an essential for good meditation practice


PAJ Sydney


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole workshop and left feeling transformed and with lasting effect . LIke many others I am a perfectionist. Being given not only permission but encouraged to concentrate only 70%  was a relief and a revelation that allowed me to let go and practice perfectly imperfect. The effect was 100%. Thank you Rupa ! .....K course atendee Sydney