Meditation Workshop Reviews

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I can highly recommend this workshop if you are looking for a holiday and a break from constant activity. AcuEnergetic Meditations are very harmonising and balancing. They can create a deep sense of stillness and inner peace.

They are easy to follow. Rupa is a very experienced practitioner. She has meditated for decades herself and transmits that depth of meditation.

Karima, Sydney

Holistic Therapist

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.....Because of Rupa's meditation workshop I have learned what it means to have a blank mind. This feeling of calmness in my mind is beautiful and so relaxing. I never thought that I could stop my thoughts. I learned from Rupa how to relax my mind and how to feel simultaneously the positive energy in my body. I am very thankful to Rupa that she taught me  this beautiful technique of meditation. Rupa is a fantastic teacher - you will feel her beautiful spirit and love immediately when you enter the meditation class.


Sylvia, Psychologist, Sydney

...Had an inspiring & very peaceful day at the meditation workshop on Sunday. Thanks Rupa your transfer of knowledge is delivered with clarity & serenity giving me a deeper space in my practice. Namaste xxx Jane, Balmain, Sydney

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...I have done my own meditation practice for over twenty years and am having incredible discoveries and self healing experiences doing the Acuenergetics meditations with Rupa. For me Rupa is the perfect meditation teacher. She invites without prescription and gives enough information to keep my mind entertained while gently guiding me to find my way in.The benefit I feel from a single meditation day is as if I've been out of the city on a week long retreat. I am committed to return to each day event Rupa holds because I feel completely renewed every time.  Kara, Sydney

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.....Like most people theses days, I lead a busy life and encounter stress on a daily basis, be this from work or life in general. At times I feel we all need assistance in managing this so that we can get through difficult parts of the day, appreciate what we have and learn to enjoy ourselves again.


During the Golden Flower Healing Mediation Workshops Rupa combines her experience, knowledge and understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and AcuEnergetics into an easy to follow practice of meditation and exercise. Her practical and fun approach ensures that the days are enjoyable and encourage you to practice more. Over the years of attending Rupa's courses and mediation workshops I have found that my overall health has improved and the trials of life have become easier to deal with. The meditation workshops have taught me some valuable techniques, practices and exercises that I can practice whenever I need to.

........Glen, Sydney

.....I have attended several workshop run by Rupa, all of which were really special experiences. Her workshops offer really accessible knowledge and skills to learn meditation and deepen your practice for those more experienced meditators. Rupa fosters a humble yet sacred space for going inward and feeling energy and connecting with our true essence. By the end of her workshops I am feeling blissful, grounded, and connected. Looking forward to more.


Bianca, Clinical Psychologist, Sydney

.......When booking to attend Rupa's meditation day, I was a little daunted by the thought of meditating for a full day. I need not have been!


Rupa interspersed each meditation with interesting learnings. Most importantly, I found Rupa's guidance into and during the meditations both extremely calming and easy to follow.


Overall, the day was both fun and healing.


Sheila - Lecturer, Sydney.


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Sunday  July 1, Rose Bay , Sydney

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“I work in a demanding mind-focussed corporate environment and Rupa’s retreat felt beautifully grounding and refreshing as if someone had pressed the re-set button and turned off the mind for the day.  I highly recommend Rupa’s meditation work”


Dagmar Strohmaier – Corporate Lawyer – Sydney




Yesterday, for the first time,  I  attended Rupa's  Hidden Treasures Meditation combined with Qi Gong workshop.


I am not new to meditation but this was a different experience , and a positive one.  Qi Gong was my first attempt and I could manage it quite well - I was a bit worried as I am 66 years old and not particularly fit…


The day flowed nicely , alternating sessions of meditation and Qi Gong, with morning and afternoon tea breaks where we could enjoy delicious and healthy snacks


At the end of the day I felt relaxed at all levels, uplifted , at peace and with a sense of freedom.  


Thanks Rupa for an extremely well presented and delivered workshop.  You’ll definitely see me again next year , as a practitioner and also at your next workshop......Josette, Sydney


Thank you again for the wonderful meditation workshop. It was extremely useful in providing me with strategies to relieve stress, become more mindful and stay more present.


I've been using little techniques everyday and inserting them into my daily routines from the grounding to the Qi Gong. I've already noticed a difference in how calm I am at work! Cannot wait till the next one....Amber Glajz, Teacher

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Thanks so much for a great day at the meditation workshop!

I had an amazing day!

Your techniques gave me a greater understanding of meditation and I felt at ease the whole time.

I particularly loved the chakra meditations and the qi gong relaxation techniques.

Very educational!!!

Thanks a lot!!!......


John Pulitano


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My husband and I attended Rupa's half day workshop on Sunday and carried away a deep sense of peace into our busy lives. Both of us felt reinvigorated in our practice of meditation. Rupa is a marvellous teacher – warm, compassionate and wise – and her explanation of the process of meditation is both profound and attainable. We would thoroughly recommend her workshops to anyone who is looking for a way to access tranquillity of mind......Catherine, Author, Sydney.

.....AcuEnergetics® meditations are a unique an amazing way to easily find your stillness within. I have been practicing these profound and beautiful techniques for many years and I especially love doing them with a group, and so I was very happy to join Rupa for the meditation retreat she ran in Holland last year – and it was wonderful!


Rupa is a very experienced meditator of over 25 years, and a highly skilled teacher, and she provided the energetic support and practical advice for a great experience for everyone there, both for novices and for experienced meditators. Some participants told me afterwards that they could never seem to still their minds and meditate before, but during those few days with Rupa they had really started to experience the beauty and inner stillness of meditation for the first time!

I highly recommend Rupa's meditation retreats for anyone who would like to discover the beauty of this lightening path to meditation,stillness and a more joyful life.



Cassandra Punita James, Senior AcuEnergetics Practitioner – Europe,,


Thank you very much for the workshop. I really liked it and the practices and meditation style are perfect for me.....Mary B , Sydney

.....I found the session to be reallly relaxing but yet I was energised by the exercises and practices. Learning to breathe tension out through the base  and practicing the meditation techniques was a nice experience. I will go home feeling calmer and more positive about meditation practice. Thanks also for the lovely morning tea

...Shona, Sydney


I have been to two of Rupa's meditation workshops and I feel that I have really benifitted from them . The environment is perfect to de-stress and be able to relax. I really appreciate the mixture of Qi Gong & meditation. They are simple yet effective exercises that are helping me manage some long term sports injuries, quickly, and on a daily basis . Thanks Rupa ! .......Hanalei, student