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 News Update:


GoldenflowerHealing and Qi Gong sessions and classes  now available online -please contact me for more details


Individual sessions in the Netherlands

Introductory Wellness packages available -choose 3 sessions ...






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I have BHSc in Health Science and traditional Chinese medicine and have studied modern and esoteric psychology, including ACT & mindfulness practices. I am a registered Acupuncture practitioner and have practiced Acupuncture, Qi Gong and meditation for more than 20 years. Since encountering AcuEnergetics energy healing 12 years ago this provides a new dimension to my work  I am a  senior AcuEnergetics Practitioner and Teacher. As well as giving clinical treatment sessions I also teach Healing, Meditation and Qi Gong  courses and workshops. I have  taught courses in Australia, The Netherlands, India, Spain & UK..

Thank you  for the beautiful ongoing practice, it’s magic, I don’t remember feeling so good and centered, at all levels  I’m sure we are all benefiting .....CC France


Thank you Rupa  Wonderful to feel the Chi flowing again! .....S Netherlands


Another lovely class!! Thank you...CG Netherlands


Thank you so so much for everything

A wonderful and magic beginning of day thanks to you ......O France

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