Meditation & Qi Gong Workshops

- enjoy and experience  unique meditations & the expansive nourishing healing practices of Goldenflowerhealing Qi Gong

AcuEnergetics® is a modern healing modality and its unique Light body meditations are forgotten practices, which Kevin Niv Farrow the founder of AcuEnergetics, has understoood and brought back to their practical aspects.

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About Rupa -she has BHSc in Health Science & Chinese medicine and has studied modern and esoteric psychology, including mindfulness practices and taoist Qi Gong


She is a registered Acupuncture practitioner. She practiced Acupuncture, Qi Gong and meditation for more than 25 years. Since encountering AcuEnergetics® energy healing 12 years ago this has provided a new dimension to her work


As well as giving clinical treatment sessions in Rupa also teaches Acuenergetics® Healing workshops and Meditation and is a senior AcuEnergetics Practitioner and Teacher. She has taught courses in Australia, The Netherlands, Spain and UK, and teaches regularly at the Osho Meditation resort Pune, India.




These workshops will have a special focus on practices & meditations of  Taoist Qi Gong which promote balance and nourish energy flow, as well as enhancing our well being


They are designed to help open and relax tensions in both mind and body, and to relieve stress . The workshop also   features sitting meditations including breath,  and consciousness of energy pathways and centers , including AcuEnergetics  light body practices such as the Circulation of the light .  Together they help promote healing and health as well as emotional balance


The techniques you will experience in this workshop are  enjoyable  and effective and you will learn simple practices that can be easily integrated into  your daily life. They will enhance any other meditative or therapeutic techniques you are doing


If you have done any of these workshops before -you will refine your practice and add to your experience -the workshops are also suitable for beginners




For more information re upcoming workshops or to host a workshop please contact  Rupa

+31 625 4969 45 or by email


Advance booking for workshops is essential as places will be limited .

Qi Gong or chi kung, is a wholistic system of coordinated body posture, slow flowing movement, breathing and cultivating a calm relaxed state .  


it has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a health and well being practice to cultivate and balance Qi or 'life energy' . It also has roots in Taoist , & Buddhist  traditions where it is used as a bridge to higher states of consciousness, self awakening and developing inner potential


It is used for exercise and relaxation , health and meditation




Rest Rest..Relax..Recharge..Meditation & Qi Gong workshop, Sept 2016, Thatcham UK, presented by Rupa Selecki, accredited  meditation teacher and Acuenergetics teacher and Acupuncture Practitioner


".....This new event was fully booked and those lucky to attend enjoyed a deeply relaxing and uplifting experience. Suitable for newcomers and experienced meditators alike, we learned meditative and healing practices to promote emotional and physical wellbeing in daily life…. GW Thatcham UK "


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Rupa Selecki - Acupuncture Practitioner, Senior AcuEnergetics Practitioner & Meditation Teacher-see below


Thank you again for the wonderful meditation workshop. It was extremely useful in providing me with strategies to relieve stress, become more mindful and stay more present. I've been using little techniques everyday and inserting them into my daily routines from the grounding to the Qi Gong. I've already noticed a difference in how calm I am at work! Cannot wait till the next one....Amber Glajz, Teacher..