Meditation Holiday Workshop -Hidden Treasures

a transforming and healing experience of unique AcuEnergetics light body practices -combined with meditative practices of Qi Gong - taught by Rupa Selecki

 Acuenergetics® is a modern healing modality and its unique Light body meditations are forgotten practices, which Kevin Niv Farrow the founder of Acuenergetics, has understoood and brought back to their practical aspects.

Dates:  August 8-11 , 2014

Location: Centrum de Horst, Winterswijk, The Netherlands

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About Rupa -she has BHSc in Traditional Chinese medicine and has studied modern and esoteric psychology, including mindfulness practices.

She is a registered Acupuncture practitioner. She has practiced Acupuncture, Qi Gong and meditation for more than 20 years. Since encountering Acuenergetics® energy healing and meditation 8 years ago this has provided a new dimension to her work


As well as giving clinical treatment sessions Rupa also teaches AcuEnergetics® Healing and Meditation and is a senior AcuEnergetics Practitioner and Teacher. She has taught courses in Australia, and The Netherlands, and teaches regularly at the Osho Meditation resort Pune, India.


Med Holiday

AcuEnergetics Practitioners may use this workshop as 'Complementary training' for continuing professiona;l education requirements

You will experience these mystical practices which help awaken energetic centers and promote the Qi flow throughout the body  - they are balancing and expansive, encouraging us on our journey to oneness and to discover our inner light


They are heart centered and based in ancient knowledge from Taoism, Sufism and Kaballah. You will develop skills to move beyond the mind, open the heart and experience light, and bliss.


These meditations help to relax tensions in both mind and body and throughout our energetic system, helping to promote healing and health as well as emotional balance and happiness.


Until stillness can happen naturally these Light Body practices may be the most enjoyable vehicle to help us still the mind


The workshop will also include some amazing QiGong practices and mindfulness techniques which are profoundly healing both physically and emotionally


The practices you will learn are simple, fun and effective and you will discover how they can be applied in your daily life. They will enhance any other meditative or therapeutic practices you are doing and are beneficial  for both experienced meditators and beginners.

The workshop will be held at Centrum De Horst  (Horst meaning an elevated land and safe place ). It is located on an ancient farm in the Dutch countryside not far from Amsterdam. We will inform you  about getting to Centrum de Horst


Total cost includes three nights accommodation and all meals. Earlybird total cost is 385 E. For this please book and pay deposit of 200E by end of June. Full price 425E. Different accommodation options are available which may require a small addittional cost. Please note room preferences will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please confirm your booking as soon as possible with your deposit and room preference.


For accommodation and booking details please click the link on the left . For further information about the meditation program and the experience see meditation reviews or contact Rupa [email protected] For info about the resort please contact  [email protected]

Sample daily program


7.30-8.15 am Shi ba Shi Qi Gong

9.30 -11am meditation session 11.11.30 morning break

11.30-1.00 pm meditation session

1pm-2pm lunch break

2pm-3pm questions /discussion

3-4pm meditation session

4.00pm - 6.00pm afternoon break 6.00pm - 7.00pm meditation session

7.30pm Dinner

Meditation Holiday  August 2013

lotus Centrum de Horst

Centrum de Horst

......Like most people theses days, I lead a busy life and encounter stress on a daily basis, be this from work or life in general. At times I feel we all need assistance in managing this so that we can get through difficult parts of the day, appreciate what we have and learn to enjoy ourselves again.


During the Golden Flower Healing Mediation Workshops Rupa combines her experience, knowledge and understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and AcuEnergetics into an easy to follow practice of meditation and exercises. Her practical and fun approach ensures that the days are enjoyable and encourage you to practice more. Over the years of attending Rupa's courses and meditation workshops I have found that my overall health has improved and the trials of life have become easier to deal with. The meditation workshops have taught me some valuable techniques, practices and exercises that I can practice whenever I need to.

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