Inner Ecology by Rupa Selecki


When considering inner ecology the first thing that comes to mind is the heart. I am referring to the energetic heart- the center of beauty truth and wisdom.  It is the link between the the physical world and the divine consciousness. Also it represents pure love and non attachment.  Mystical traditions have referred to this as the Buddha nature or the light within.


Whatever work we do in our inner or outer environment - this can be our daily work activities our exercise, eating, cleaning our house driving our car this can be enhanced and transformed by the energy of the unobstructed heart. In this way the inner and outer are not separate.

Using tools of meditation and awareness we can become aware and let go of our attachments and the veils which cloud the heart. This is how we can affect the world.


Many times we are believing that we are open hearted and loving, but in fact we are living through attachment and conditional love.  For example we can be openhearted to X and Y but not to Z.  We create boundaries and divisions in  this way. We can literally close down parts of our being and even parts of our body by obstructing the hearts pure energy.  This is reflected externally in political  and religious, racial  and tribal differences.


I am working with the art  of Acupuncture since  20 years and more recently since 9 years have introduced  AcuEnergetics®  to my life and my work. This is a modaility of energetic healing and meditation practices which use accurate mapping of the energetic system, grounded in Taoist, Judaic, and Yogic knowledge traditions. It allows the clearing of energetic blockages and facilitates moving into refined states of consciousness. All the practices are heart centered.


One of the techniques used to help clear and open the heart is the Inner Smile meditation.

You can do this yourself at home


-turn off phones etc, make an undisturbed  time of 15-20  minutes, and set an alarm

-sit in a comfortable position

-take a few deep breaths and take your attention from any tensions & anxieties you are holding.  Notice and feel  yourself breathing. Let yourself become present.

-invite something to come to mind that makes you smile-it may be the feeling of being in love, a beautiful flower, a beautiful place you have been to. Allow  yourself to feel this smile and let this feeling move inside to your heart , while you smile on the outside.

As you feel it inside,  now drop the story -the trigger that made you smile, and continue to allow the feeling of the smile to be inside you. Continue to smile gently on the outside.


Feel the smile on the inside like the sun radiating throughout your body.

If thoughts or feelings  come up or you get distracted - allow yourself  to come back to the feeling of the smile


Its recommended you do this for 6 weeks to three months every day for about 15 minutes.  This will help you transform both your inner and outer world.


My spiritual sannyas name is Anand Rupa. Osho gave me the meaning that this is about happiness without any cause. True bliss. So learning this meditation reminds me of my inner  journey.  I am practicing Acuenergetics® in Sydney Australia and during my yearly visits to Osho meditation resort in December  and January.

I will be facilitating workshops as well together with friends


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to be published later this year in Ecology –a compilation of Inner and Outer Ecology, OTI, Italy


Edited,  Mar 2015

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